Pattaya could drag rest of Thai tourism into swamp

your say December 22, 2017 01:00

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Re: “Pattaya gives Thailand’s name another beating”, Nation editorial, December 20.

A well-written article, but many would beg to differ on the subject of “success in tidying up its beaches”, especially in Pattaya.


That’s almost all correct, and why more and more people – except the Chinese – are going to other places in Thailand. I myself wouldn’t set down my foot in Pattaya. It’s a nightmare of crime, violence and the sex industry combined with far too much booze. Just a big black spot on the picture of Thailand.

Get Real

The Nation: “Bar brawls are not uncommon anywhere alcohol is served, but when the beating is inflicted by a songthaew driver whose livelihood depends on foreign tourists, one has to ask what is really going on. Of course there are always visitors who behave rudely, offending local people. We often see a lack of sensitivity towards Thai culture and mores. Violence is hardly the appropriate response, however.”

Booze often does lead to fighting, but that is not what this editorial is about.

There sometimes is a lack of sensitivity towards Thai culture, but that is not what this editorial is about.

This is about the beating of a tourist for sitting “wrong”. 

This event should lead to some soul-searching questions regarding the treatment of tourists, the use of violence, public transport, conflict-resolution among Thais and visitors.

However, it’ll be forgotten quickly as the next dollar is eyed greedily.

Thailand/Pattaya should heed the story of the Golden Goose before it is too late.

Samui Bodoh

The Nation: “Pattaya is world famous for its seaside beauty and other attractions.”

The main attraction being the good choice of restaurants and shopping and the naughty nightlife, not necessarily in that order. Pattaya does not have world-famous seaside beauty, as most people would agree.