Look for the motive

your say December 08, 2017 01:00

When a crime has been committed the first thing investigators look for is the motive.

Answering the question why is the first step to revealing the truth. It’s much the same when trying to discover why a person is being criticised, because finding out why explains much.

For over two years now the establishment has been attacking Donald Trump. His fundamental policies are to retain the sovereignty of the United States against political globalism, to prevent it being taken over by an alien ideology and to stop criminals illegally entering the US. He wants to raise the standard of living and generally improve the way of life for all Americans in the US. One would expect any reasonable person to support such aims, so why is there so much opposition from the establishment. The answer to that question can best be explained by a pre-presidential election outburst by Hillary Clinton. In a fit of panic she screamed that if Donald Trump gets elected “we all hang from nooses”. She meant that she and her fellow establishment liberals would face the gallows. To say the least, that was an admission of gross wrongdoing.

Current investigation into this wrongdoing is exposing treason, corruption, racketeering, child trafficking and paedophilia, and much more. President Trump, in his effort to make America great again, will cause those involved to face justice. The people trying to bring him down have much to fear. Their careers and very much more are at stake. That is why they are attacking President Trump. They are in fear of being found out. Without him they have nothing to fear.

JC Wilcox