Proposal to ban Muslims is mild in comparison to Islamic countries’ view of Christians  

your say December 08, 2017 01:00

Re: “Stealth fascism and the banality of evil”, Have Your Say, December 7.

If one is going to miss the point completely, why not do it in style? And Dr Frankfurt-School certainly does, rearing forth from his foetid New World Order-ist swamp to deliver personal abuse in his typically beetroot-faced, overwrought style. Advance the debate? Ha! No way!

The three issues in my letter were Islamic terror in UK, consequences arising from the abolition of free speech, and the side show of Trumpophobia. I never stated that I wanted to “ban Islam” in the UK, that was Britain First, and such a policy would not exactly be a vote-winner among the country’s 3.5 million Muslims. But please note that the party simply seeks to ban Islam (professing Christianity is banned, curtailed or subject to a death sentence in 25 Asian and African countries); Britain First does not advocate beheading the country’s Muslims, and does not devote 102 “holy” verses in its manifesto to inflicting violence and death on anyone who questions its point of view.

In his December 4 letter, Dr Frank invites us to “spare a thought for his gonads which will shortly be visiting chillier climes”. I trust he is grateful to my letter for striking some fire into them, which will help to keep him warm over Christmas.

Nigel Pike (“avuncular” persona)

Phang Nga