Stealth fascism and the banality of evil

your say December 07, 2017 01:00

Re: “Trump vilified for tweeting inconvenient truth about UK”, Have Your Say, December 5.

The bipolar Nigel Pike has shed his avuncular persona and reverted to swivel-eyed Islamophobic type. It was only a matter of time, of course. Again he shamelessly attempts to disguise extremist elements’ devilry under the cover of mainstream ordinariness, or what Hannah Arendt correctly termed the banality of evil.

His egregious support for transparently neo-Nazi organisations evokes a toxic brew of pernicious Krystallnacht-style book-burning revisionism and a reshaping of thought redolent of much darker days in Europe. Incredibly, he blithely seeks to make overtly fascist groups like little Britain First respectable, and along with it the discredited and marginalised British National Party and the pathetic English Defence League in the United Kingdom.

Not content to limit himself to pitiful Anglo-centric venom, Pike compounds his delusional fantasies with open support for the usual white supremacist scum in Europe and beyond. This, of course, extends to acquiring carpet burns on knees, elbows and forehead whilst genuflecting before the KKK-forgiving, dissembling invertebrate blabbermouth currently hopping and gibbering on Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Moreover, he plumbs his usual depths by stating he wants to “ban Islam in the UK”; good grief. At best this is a madcap and impossible final solution, bereft of even a fundamental explanation of how it might be done without attracting global opprobrium, and eliminating God knows how many innocent victims of his mindless hate. To loosely paraphrase another Orwellianism as Pikey would doubtless prefer it, “all people are equal, but some are more equal than (Muslim) others”.

Further to this, he conveniently slams Muslim “atrocities”, while typically ignoring Muslim civilian casualties created by the West’s “coalitions” in the Middle East, running literally into the hundreds of thousands. I suggest that he consults The Lancet, if he’s heard of it, one of the world’s most respected medical journals, to verify this. In other words, truth, not sneering bigotry.

Knowing that Pike feels so strongly about defending the indefensible, perhaps he might want to go and man the barricades with Blackshirt-style alte kameraden, brandishing their little sticks and shouting their impotent slogans at the laughing majority.

Dr Frank

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