We should eat meat, drink milk – that’s what cows are for

your say November 22, 2017 01:00

Re: “On diet, vegans are 50 years ahead of the curve”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

So, vegans get protein from the air they breathe and live to be 100. Fine.

Now what? In 2030, 15 per cent of Thais will be 65 or older and we don’t know what to do with them. They’ll become unproductive and a burden to society. Future governments will have to impose higher taxes to pay for diapers and wheelchairs for useless geezers like you and me. Is that fair to future generations? 

So, feel free to exercise if you enjoy doing it. Don’t do it because doctors say so. 

Eat meat and drink milk, because after all that’s what cows are for. And if protein depletes calcium in your body, take a calcium supplement. 

Meanwhile drink alcohol, smoke dope, break the Ten Commandments if you have to.

Enjoy your life while you still can, then die happily.

Somsak Pola

Samut Prakan