We need to talk about Thai women – it’s an increasingly weighty issue 

your say November 18, 2017 01:00

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Re: “The days of skinny Thais are over – Thai women named second-fattest in Asia”, Daily News, November 16.

Daily News: “Thai women are now officially the second fattest group of people in Southeast Asia, behind only Malaysians, reports Thailand’s Diabetes Association.”

Yet Thailand is far from being the highest consumer of sugar – 29.3 grams per person compared to Americans’ average of 126.4 grams. Thai women’s rising weight must also be due to their increasing consumption of fat. That’s the statistical evidence. 


I would have thought the Philippines would have topped that list.


Filipinos’ high-fat diet comes mainly from natural fat, like pork belly.

Thais’ main source of fat comes from cheap processed cooking oil.

Artificial versus natural fats.


The rice genes just can’t handle the shock of all the doughnuts and burgers. How long before Thais surpass Westerners in terms of obesity?


I think it can be attributed to lack of activity. Smartphone and Facebook. The thumb is the only part of the body that gets regular exercise. When you drop off children at school, gaze around at the alarming number of obese children. Very sad!