Address mental illness, not gun control

your say November 10, 2017 01:00

Re: “Wild West fantasy is fuelling real-life slaughter on America’s streets”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

This is just one more letter that is short on facts and long on waffle. The 2nd Amendment was inscribed in the United States constitution for a reason. The threat to its freedom and sovereignty, while obscure, still exists. The New World Order is not a conspiracy theory. Abraham Lincoln was aware of it almost 200 years ago when he challenged the Rothschild’s banking system. This dystopian threat is now advancing across the western hemisphere. 

The simple fact is that guns do not kill any more than hammers  knock in nails. Tools are inactive until in human hands. The danger we increasingly face is the sickness of the human mind. Yes, those in tow with the NWO Marxist culture are intent on rendering the people defenceless so they can be intimidated and beaten up if they dare dissent. The US has only to cast an eye across the Atlantic to see what lies in store for defenceless people. When the New World Order flagship, the  European Union, forms its army, military thuggery will enforce totalitarian federalism. We were given foresight in Catalonia when EU member-state Spain beat up elderly referendum voters with the use of clubs. They would not beat up people who had guns.

Preventing normal sound-of-mind citizens having guns with a total ban would worsen the situation. Criminals will always find a way to being armed leaving the public defenceless as we saw at Bataclan, Charlie Hebdo, Westminster Bridge, the Manchester concert and so many other situations. Were members of the public to have had guns, the criminals would have been brought down, as was the recent case in a Texas church.

The solution is not banning guns but treating minds that are disturbed with drugs like opioides and indoctrinated with destructive ideologies. In fact the two most damaging things to the human mind are political correctness and a fundamentalist interpretation of political ideology posing as a peaceful religion. Political correctness causes authorities and police to turn a blind eye to the latter for fear of being called racist or Islamophobic.  

Those with murderous intentions can turn not only guns but planes, trucks, chemicals, explosives, knives and almost anything at hand into a lethal weapon. The only sensible, rational way to solve the problem is to address the root cause, not bow to those who have an ulterior motive or those with superficial minds.

JC Wilcox

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