Thailand should not be arresting UN-registered refugees

your say November 08, 2017 01:00

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Re: “Release asylum seekers detained in raids, rights group urges”, The Nation, yesterday.

This is outrageous! If someone is given temporary refugee status by the UNHCR, and documents to prove this, then Thailand should respect this and allow these people to live freely, while further investigations take place. Surely, these people have suffered enough persecution in their own countries without being further punished, or even returned to face certain death in their home countries! At the moment, we are allowed to speak relatively freely here in Thailand. If we were not, then we would be lucky enough to be able to return to our own countries where freedom of speech and religious beliefs are allowed. Refugees don’t have this option! Show some compassion.


Maybe you did not see this in the report: “Many of the adults were charged with overstaying their visas or other immigration violations.” 

They are overstaying at here. So they had the chance to get a longer visa, but for some reason didn’t take it.


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