Need to crack down on rape epidemic of immigrants

your say November 06, 2017 01:00

Re: “Spacey, Weinstein in police crosshairs over assault claims”, News, November 4.

If the column inches devoted to the Hollywood sex scandal in the global news media were proportionately applied to the migrant perpetrators of the rape epidemic in Europe (one every seven minutes), The Nation would be the thickness of a telephone directory.

On the one hand, the “victims” are a small number of prominent actors and actresses whose careers obviously haven’t been harmed, and may have been boosted, by the attentions of Weinstein, however unwelcome. On the other hand, we have thousands of pitiful young European girls who have been viciously abused, where any notion of “consensuality” was entirely lacking, and whose lives have been destroyed forever.

The village of Edenbridge, England, has erected a 36-foot effigy of Harvey Weinstein to be burnt on Guy Fawkes Day, with no apparent opposition from the police. In a country where complaints against the daily migrant rapes, terrorist attacks and assaults are regarded as “hate crimes”, and afforded higher priority than the underlying sources of complaint, one can only imagine the magnitude of the police operation if villages all over the country were to erect 36-foot high effigies of African and South Asian rapists responsible for the shameful sex grooming scandal widespread throughout the cities and towns of Britain, the scale of which is now grudgingly being exposed by the mainstream media. The chief constable of Norfolk last year estimated the number of such cases as 600,000 to date, but this horrific figure appears to be of no consequence, or is more likely unknown, to the people of Edenbridge.

Under the headline “Much ado about nothing” in Sunday’s Letters page, Ye Olde Curmudgeon makes a sensible point about the uproar over George HW Bush’s patting of a girl’s bottom. The issue here is proportionality, and my worry in today’s politically-correct, distorted, fake-news-ridden MSM, is that when it comes to matters of grave and fundamental importance, there is too much “No ado about something”.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

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