Has junta been reading George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’?

your say November 02, 2017 01:00

Re: “Nothing gained in hounding the Shinawatras”, Nation editorial, yesterday.

Kudos to The Nation for this editorial. Once again they have surprised me with their courage and with the quality of their words.

Samui Bodoh

The editorial states that, “The generals – and the Shinawatras too – need to accept that the people of Thailand have had enough of this. We want rid of the corruption, rid of the hypocrisy and rid of the lip service paid to rights and freedoms.”

There is a lot of truth to the statement above, but it is incomplete. 

There is blame for the Shins. There is blame for the military. There is also blame for the yellow shirts, and they need to take their fair share.

To “move on”, all those so-called “good people” sitting in their appointed-Senate offices, their family members as staff, the generals appointed to all manner of boards and positions (while still on half-pay from the military), and all their hangers-on also need to go. To try to absolve these people would be very, very wrong.

 Time for a radical idea. If you have been a member of parliament, a senator, a leader of an “independent” agency or someone appointed to one of these positions, you have to go.

Yes, Thailand would lose out, as I am sure some of these people are good, and some governing experience would be lost. But it is time for a radical change.

 (Yes, I know... but one can dream.)


“The junta’s audacity in attempting to claim the moral high ground in this affair is the most galling aspect of all.” Never will we be able to really check until Article 44 is removed.


Prayut knows he will never get either of them back. The whole exercise in futility is simply smoke and mirrors to keep the peasants’ limited minds thinking that he is actually trying.

Total waste of everyone’s time and it makes the country look stupid. 


I don’t disagree with the editorial. Now, if a certain political party can sever ties with the Shinawatras and their proxies, perhaps the country can move forward. Hard to imagine the “leaders” of that party giving up the keys to the Shin cash machine though.

I don’t agree there is nothing to be gained from hounding the Shinawatras. We know this from the lessons provided by George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. It’s important Napoleon should not be blamed for anything at all. Since there are terrible problems on the farm, it’s helpful to blame them all on the exiled Snowball. I mean if the animals started blaming Napoleon for his greed, incompetence and brutality, he might lose power.


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