IoT weaponised for sonic attacks on US diplomats

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Re: “Cuba has duty to prevent attacks on US envoys: Trump”, The Nation, October 18.

The reality is that anybody, anywhere on earth, could have sent a variety of signals – from slight ear-itching irritation to a 5,000-, 10,000-, or 25,000-watt WHAMO that would give the target a severe headache, or worse – to any of the 22 US Embassy staff via satellite-microwave hardware. US diplomats in Havana are complaining of headaches, hearing problems and concussions. The US has cut staffing at its Havana embassy by 60 per cent in response to the incidents, expelled Cuban diplomats from Washington, issued a travel warning for Americans going to Cuba and stopped issuing visas for Cubans in Havana.

I suspect the communist Cubans lack the know-how to carry out the attacks in Havana .

The attackers likely used technology known as the Internet of Things (IoT) – which readers might be interested to know was originally discovered and developed in Bangkok in the 1980s.

The company and phenomenon upon which it is based was called METME (Maximum Efficient Transfer of Modulated Energy). It was discovered by Englishman Graham Phillip Bloy (now an American). Fundamentally METME takes the entire bandwidth of an AM radio station and compresses it to a smartphone (telephone) bandwidth. But even more significant is that METME also takes all the AM radio stations’ mains power and compresses it to a smartphone bandwidth!  The technical description is “reconstitution of out-of-band harmonics and power”. To weaponise this tech, all one needs to do is take a 5020-watt signal and compress it into a smartphone line, then transmit it to the smartphone target and reconstitute the massive 5020-watt WHAMO burst.  

Of course, the IoT also has unlimited peaceful possibilities, and only one company produces the various IoT items.  That company is RF controls LLc of St Louis, Missouri. It’s exclusive commercial partner/distributor is tech giant Cisco Systems. 

The IoT was announced by RF Controls in April, 2013 and has been called the greatest commercial event in world history. The sonic attacks on US diplomats, while interesting, will be a mere footnote in the IoT revolution that’s only just emerging.

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