In kratom, does Thailand possess the cure for US opioid addiction? 

your say October 31, 2017 01:00

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Re: “Biotech agency aims to create ‘herb hub’ for Asean region”, The Nation, yesterday. 

Well what took so long? I was stating to have Hub withdrawal!


The herb-idea is good but not with biotechnology. If Westerners hear about the biotech connection they won’t buy it.


Wait until Monsanto gets hold of the gene map from some Thai export rice and comes looking for their royalty cheque when a tiny wedge of the DNA matches one of their patented seeds. And it can’t be sold into the US or Europe or South Korea or Japan unless Monsanto gets their cut.

This has an onerous stench to it...


President Donald Trump has declared a public health crisis in US opioid addiction. On CNN last night Dr Sanjay Gupta and others were discussing the possible benefits of “Cray-tum” (they meant kratom, but their pronunciation was off). They are looking at it as a painkiller and treatment for opioid withdrawal. It is legal in the US in all but a few states but the medical community needs a steady supply of professionally farmed certified product, and what is coming in now is just vegetable matter in a carton.

Maybe they could grow it here?