Flood disaster-management team is a disaster

your say October 26, 2017 01:00

Re: “Prayut warns some areas must be sacrificed to floods”, The Nation, yesterday.

Premier Prayut Chan-o-cha said “some areas of the country will have to be sacrificed to prevent other areas from flooding”.

 Er, does he mean Bangkok?

 It would not do to have flooding in the capital.

Perhaps if they spent serious money on water management as soon as they forced themselves into power they could of been controlling water better now!

This has been a known problem for years yet same incompetence continues and billions of baht wasted on army toys and nonsense while lack of water control continues.

They lost a lot of investment because of this as not many companies interested in flooded factories, etc, yearly.

I’m sure the current PM will be happy in one of his Chinese subs while the farmers drown. Total incompetence under Yingluck and totally the same now.


 Prayut said yesterday after a Cabinet meeting that the government was concerned about flooding problems in many provinces and had ensured that preparations had been made for the flood season.

It is a fact that many larger reservoirs had not been prepared to take additional heavy rainfall. The lethargic government had not ensured that preparations had been made for the flood season; that’s a FACT, so stop your face-saving lying before it becomes more natural to you than telling the truth. As with your promised election dates, no one believes you any more ... maybe you put those lies down to “changing climate and unexpected heavy rain”. Thailand lies in a monsoon belt; didn’t you know?


“I assure you that there will be compensation for the damage.”

Not for comforting coming from a man who wields god like powers in Thailand. 

It will be interesting to see what compensation the sacrificial lambs will receive and why they were made to sacrifice for others.  Thai rak Thai.


“Some areas of the country will have to be sacrificed to prevent other areas from flooding.”

 Translation: There is not a chance in hell that we can have any flooding in Bangkok this week.

 “…. without knowing when the waters would recede.”

 I would guess that the waters will be allowed to recede starting from the 30th onward.


Prayut’s disaster management team is truly that, a disaster. And given its past record and ongoing incompetence, who would bet against there being water shortages next year?


Said the same thing six years ago. This year, however, they said no major flooding. The rain continues, flooding continues and people continue to die and face serious hardship as a result. This is what happens when people can buy degrees and positions. Lots of rich but dumb people running the show. Then the rich, dumb people have kiddies, buy their “education” and positions etc, etc. Let’s just hope the rains ease.



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