‘Distressed’ at Trump dethroning Buchanan

your say October 22, 2017 01:00

As the founder of the James Buchanan fan club I’m deeply distressed to learn that 91 historians chosen by C-Span have rated Donald Trump as the worst president in history.

I had taken enormous pride in the fact that my man Buchanan had beat out such tough competition from the likes of George W Bush and Warren Harding to win the title as America’s worst president. A monumental achievement!

But thanks to Donald Trump I’m now getting angry emails and letters from members of my club saying Buchanan let them down and is unworthy of his title. One email read: “My new hero Donald Trump has shown us the real meaning of being a truly horrible president.”

So, please Donald, do at least one good thing before they chase you out of office. Otherwise, my club is going to go out of business!

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai