Drones on the radar at airports

your say October 21, 2017 01:00

Re: “Police charge drone pilot for photographing Air Force airport”, The Nation, yesterday.

Murderers get bail, before and after conviction.

 Using a drone to photograph the array of (mostly broken) aircraft at Don Mueang gets you remanded in custody…

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Kind of silly when Google Earth gives us one-metre resolution. 


Take Google to court!


Some countries have in fact done just that.

 I’m not complaining about Google. I’m saying a 9-kilometre no-drone-zone is silly when there are other ways to get much closer aerial views.


Now it’s been in the major news that a drone operator/owner has to register the thing in 90 days or face heavy fines and jail time, we’re going to hear all about the near-miss stories with aircraft again.


The suspect claimed to have no knowledge about the Thai authority’s ban on flying drones within a nine-kilometre radius of an airport.

The day that “having no knowledge” of a law becomes a valid excuse is the day all Thai prisons will be empty.


I doubt the 9km has much to do with anything except minimising aircraft hazards. At 9km on a normal approach an aircraft is about 1,500 feet up. Not sure you could see small a drone above that height. 

Sir Swagman