In an age of deeply flawed politicians, weigh issues not personality

your say October 20, 2017 01:00

Re: “It’s called having a mind of your own”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

I greatly resent it when right-wing fruitcakes like JC Wilcox say that Hillary Clinton is my heroine. I’ve always considered her dull and never understood why people get so emotional about her.

But in life you have to make choices. Her opponent was a racist pathological thug who calls Nazis “fine people” and Mexicans “rapists”, is deliberately provoking North Korea and Iran into nuclear wars, decimates family planning programmes, refers to women he doesn’t find attractive as “fat pigs”, gets the FDA to remove from its website all reports about animal abuse, (Hillary Clinton, by the way, had an outstanding record on animal rights as a senator) and is a congenital liar and slanderer. (There are at least 20 other Trump flaws that I’ve overlooked here.)

Generally, I’m not a one-issue voter. But no one who sincerely cares about family planning and animals could possibly support a president who seems to have dedicated his life to destroying both. If the animals that Wilcox claims to care about could vote, Hillary Clinton would have won by a landslide!   

Eric Bahrt

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