More evidence of military meddling in election?

your say October 20, 2017 01:00

 Re: “Confusion over committee to appoint new Electoral Commissioners”, The Nation, yesterday.

More hogwash to delay an election that we all know has been fixed already before it does finally arrive.

How can any businessperson or even Japanese company invest here with so many corruption mountains to climb – it’s just like putting your money down the loo.


On the contrary, military governments are less greedy than civilian, “democratic” ones. Less imagination, fewer needs and more face. In Thailand the military is the best bet. Hey, anyone who’s willing to die for you is okay.


The junta will create their own nominees, they will appoint their own election officers, and if it resembles a corrupt and illegal system they will change the law after the fact to say “look it is all legal and democratic”.

Grumpy Duck