Closer scrutiny of President Trump reveals devastating truths

your say October 20, 2017 01:00

Re: “It’s called having a mind of one’s own,” Have Your Say, yesterday.

JC Wilcox has every right to award pluses and minuses on Trump’s alleged principles, but two analytical articles in the same edition remind us of the futility of that approach. Tobin Harshaw’s detailed “Trump and the nuclear football” explains graphically why the president is totally unfit to be commander in chief, while Louis Rene Beres’s incisive “Triumph of American idiocracy” pinpoints Trump’s devastating ignorance of world affairs.

The stark reality is that there is a narcissist and sociopath in the White House, totally incapable of pursuing anyone’s interests apart from his own. Like a rubber ball, he will never stop bouncing back until forced out of his position or until he presses the nuclear button. It is a sobering thought that if Trump were a Pentagon official, the military’s personnel-reliability rules would deny him any access to nuclear codes. Welcome to the Age of the Idiocrat!

Barry Kenyon


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