Feudalism prevents the open debate needed in Thailand

your say October 17, 2017 00:13

Re: “There’s wisdom in the Swiss way”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

And, as always, there is wisdom in letter-writer Burin’s way. But in a country where feudalism still reigns supreme, where anyone with an alternative political view is prosecuted as an enemy of the state, and where a person referring to a historic plaque as a national asset is accused of sedition, I just can’t see his proposal for an “Arena” of political debates getting off the ground.

He says the moderator must “be strong enough to curb rabble-rousing, personal attacks, etc. He must be an expert on the subject of each session.” Without resorting to rabble-rousing and personal attacks myself, I would suggest that these conditions rule out about half of the usual contributors to Have Your Say, even if they are capable of speaking Thai. But if by some miracle the Arena becomes a reality, I hereby propose Burin Kantabutra as that moderator.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga 

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