Did Duterte jump gun with threat to expel EU dipolomats? 

your say October 14, 2017 01:00

Re: “Duterte to EU envoys in PH: ‘Don’t f… with us, leave my country in 24 hours’”, The Nation, yesterday.

That should help bring foreign investments into his impoverished nation. 

Garry James

Don’t worry about that, China has a lot of money to invest.

Liva Ramarolahy

Foreign investment already down 90 per cent from last year.

Stan Kahn

He is really giving Dotard Trump a run for his money in the lunatic competition.

Mark Frazier

Cut all trade, financial and military aid until “Adolf” is removed.

Martin Andrew Simons

FYI EVERYONE: The European Union has disowned the EU delegation that warned the Duterte administration of sanctions over its bloody anti-drugs campaign. Will Inquirer News rectify their mistake?

“The European Union had no involvement whatsoever in the visit of the seven-member delegation of the International Delegates of the Progressive Alliance which took place Oct 8 to 9 in Manila,” the EU delegation to the Philippines said in a statement on Wednesday.

Joanna Marie

PH is a sovereign state and if Duterte believes the PH is being played, then he has every right to expel outsiders.

Dan RK Sparkman

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