Time to ban drones, the next big terrorist threat

your say October 13, 2017 01:00

Re: “Unregistered drones banned”, The Nation, October 11.

Spy cams basically if in the wrong hands.


Many reports say that drones are now the big threat to watch out for in the battle against the terrorists. It’s horrible to contemplate the possibilities: bombs being dropped from above in stadia where big events are happening, like football matches and sports finals, or any place where a lot of people are gathered.


To do this you would need very advanced equipment that’s very expensive. My small drone can only fly in a 300-metre radius and for 12 minutes. It can’t lift anything heavy, like an explosive device. What harm can it do when I fly it on our farm? Why do I need to register a drone like this? It is just a toy. It is again an overreaction. 


And? They hijacked planes with plastic forks on 9/11. Why not license plastic forks? 

You can weaponise anything.


This is a very good idea and a first step towards making them illegal! Drones are unnecessary toys and should not be available to the public, same as assault weapons. The bigger ones can carry payloads of 20 kilos or more, and are potentially extremely dangerous delivery systems for explosives, chemical and biological weapons and other nasty stuff.

Camera-equipped drones are also commonly used to snoop on other people’s privacy and business dealings. They can go stationary and take photos and videos right through people’s windows, even in condo and office buildings. And they can easily be used to take down aircraft, either on take-off or on landing approach.

Why they were ever allowed to be made available to the public is totally incomprehensible to me.


A remote-controlled model aircraft can do all this too, but I have not heard of one being used to “take down” a commercial aircraft, and they have been around for the last 50 years!

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