UK granting Yingluck asylum would be reality check for junta

your say October 12, 2017 01:00

Re: “Reports that Yingluck has asylum status in UK need to be verified: Don”, The Nation, yesterday.

Oh dear, that puts the government in a rather odd position.

On one hand they are well rid of her. But on the other she is now untouchable and legitimate, since asylum is only granted to those who have been persecuted. Which in turn supports her case that the whole trial was politically motivated, and detracts from the government’s claim of justice being served.

Expect the government to complain – just not too loudly.


One only has to consider facts. Forget about left or right. She was convicted of what crime? No modern country persecutes ex-prime ministers for decisions made in office, unless they are obviously corrupt. Yet I see no obvious corruption here. Even putting that aside, she was convicted by a military JUNTA. Of course she will get political asylum, because that is what it is. And I hope and pray no poster here will follow this with “but the courts are independent”.