FGM a valuable slice of medical tourism for Thailand?

your say October 12, 2017 01:00

Re: “Hospital reprimanded for [advertising] female genital mutilation”, The Nation, October 9.

Huh? The surgery, which is a painful mutilation of a child that will handicap her ability to enjoy sex for life, is legal. But the ad is too graphic, so that’s what the news story is? What is wrong with people? Another case of artificial morality, while the real crime is overlooked.


“The surgery is not illegal,” says the Health Support Service Department.

It damn well should be!

It is an evil and cruel thing to do to a person, and should be banned in every civilised country on the planet.

Samui Bodoh

I hope this hits the world news.

Disgraceful practice from the medical profession of Thailand!

They will do anything for money.


I can’t believe that Thailand allows this to go on.

Boon Mee 

They make a profit! They serve those countries where it is banned – medical tourism.


I wonder how accurate the report is. I checked the hospital’s Lelux Hospital in Nonthaburi province) website and they are a plastic surgery outfit. They do perform labiaplasty, which is not considered FGM.


By the way, female genital mutilation is not solely a Muslim cultural practice, also a cultural norm in parts of Christian Africa.