Dismantling European order invites a 20th-century-style catastrophe 

your say October 12, 2017 01:00

Re: “Catalonia stands no chance against the rise of EU army”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

JC Wilcox’s farrago of obsessive-compulsive disorders ceased to be mildly diverting some time ago. This time, his fussy preoccupation is with the mythically oppressive EU “army”, and into this brew he throws a global Papal conspiracy, congenital anti-Islamist waffle (there he goes again) alleged paedophilia, and a complete refutation of why the EU and its predecessors were formed in the first place. Is he perhaps itching for another major European war?

Perhaps JC wishes to return to the crude balance of power politics that shredded the notion of collective European security and led directly to a drastic reordering of the world order in the first half of the last century. These developments, remember, resulted in mega-deaths several orders of magnitude greater than anything seen before.

Wilcox’s superficial thought processes, not for the first time, fail to take account of this; his transparent inability to move beyond the merely slapdash does him, and the right-minded who contribute to this column, a disservice. These issues are far too important to discuss in the cavalier manner that the pooterish Wilcox, his surrogates, and certain other misguided souls here offer as a matter of routine.

Before this contributor deems to deride what he dismisses as the “pseudo-erudite” contributions of others, he needs a total and complete rebuilding of his own intellectual house.

Dr Frank


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