Sparks of insight flew last week as letter-writers crossed swords

your say October 11, 2017 01:00

Some excellent contributions were published last week in “Have Your Say”, proving again there are still letters worth reading, not tainted by prejudice or evidence-free beliefs expressed by writers living in their own fantasy world.

I would single out letters by Dr Frank and Eric Bahrt, which were well-written and a pleasure to read. In sharp contrast were the contributions of JC Wilcox, Nigel Pike and their disciples, which offered a mix of falsehoods, lunatic conspiracy theories and a failure to acknowledge facts that suggests the writers are suffering from severe cognitive dissonance. I have taken pains to point out those facts many times but never received a response to my letters.  

Nevertheless, even the blackest mud can occasionally offer up a few gems.

Among JC Wilcox’s rantings on Islam, there is some validity. Not all of his criticism is based in Islamaphobia or racism. I share Wilcox’s opinion that Islam, a religion of war, can be a danger to our Western values.

Meanwhile, Nigel Pike took a break from spreading blatant falsehoods to make a valuable point about the damaging use of cellphones (“Smartphone slaves, rise up and break your chains!” September 29).

His letter was well written with sound arguments giving exactly the reasons why I myself refuse to use a mobile phone. People are unable to restrain themselves and have become addicted to this technology, which is eating away the social fabric and is changing our society fundamentally. Pike’s letter should be a must read for all frequent mobile users.

My thanks go to all contributors and to the editor whose liberal attitude makes this section of the newspaper my favourite one.


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