Japan helpless as China girdles SE Asia with Belt and Road

your say September 29, 2017 01:00

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Re: “Japan, China compete for influence in Thailand”, The Nation, September 25.

Thailand is part of the planned Chinese “One Belt, One Road” project as a proposed economic corridor linking to Singapore. Difficult to see how the Japanese can compete in the long run. 


True. China’s foreign exchange reserves number US$3 trillion alone! They could single-handedly buy Thailand, if they thought it was a good-enough investment. I wonder what would happen, if they used all those reserves, and offered every Thai Bt50,000 to agree that Thailand became China’s new province; would a majority of Thais resist?

As for Japan, well, I love Japan, but no way they can compete with China’s financial or political might in the 21st century. As opposed to China, Japan has a national debt of $10 trillion, which is twice their GDP.


They can’t compete with China. A steel wheel on a steel track is still the most efficient transportation known to man. Japan would have to come up with something like teleportation or anti-gravity.  China has markets and position. 


All countries should be very wary of China and look carefully at what they have done to Tibet. They own major corporations, farms, real estate in Australia. They buy cattle stations and then staff them with Chinese nationals and export all of the products exclusively to China. Apart from some modest tax payments there is no benefit, just a burden to the host country.


They will be building roads, bridges and railroads, apart from that.... 

Anybody notice the link between the Rakhine and China in the map above? 



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