Buddhism office officials allegedly took Bt300m from temple subsidies

your say September 25, 2017 01:00

I am sure that Buddha would be soooooo proud.

I am curious; does anyone think there is such a thing as an “honest” Thai state official?


Samui Bodoh

Will Thailand seek to extradite the crook from US? How does a Thai get a visa for US and remain there indefinitely?


I have lived here more years than I care to remember and the amount of corruption still ceases to amaze me.


Problem is in order to get into high-ranking positions applicants have to part with some serious cash.

Then when they get their high ranking positions they then screw as much money out of it as possible to recoup what they laid out.

This will never stop until people are awarded positions on merit, and not on how much money they laid out.


And this is why my missus doesn’t visit temples anymore. Only when she has to. 

I’ve tried teaching her the atheist way of setting your own standards and morals. Which is basically ‘treat people how you’d like to be treated’. I know, I know. That’s in the Bible. But it it’s not a religious idea – it’s common sense. Last time we were in Chiang Mai, we went to an orphanage and bought loads of food and some toys. We helped feed the kids and interacted with them. No monks, no religion, no god, no karma. Just being good human beings who’ll cease to exist one day. 

Our reward for this? We don’t want one. But there was a byproduct of doing this – it made us feel good. I do hope there is a hell though. Many people will be in for a shock.