Thailand 4.0, or one step closer to police state?

your say September 24, 2017 01:00

Re: “Thailand 4.0? Police armed with ID card readers”, The Nation, September 21.

Does it read farang passports? Well about time to give ID to farang residents, so Thailand 0.5 only.

Peter Louis 

“Winai said the PDC system had already enabled police to arrest up to 36,000 suspects wanted under arrest warrants in the first 10 days since the system went online.”

36,000 arrests in 10 days? Where did they put that many people? And what crimes were they arrested for?

Rory Gentry

36,000 arrested? Jail and court system must be very busy.

Quang Duy

One more step towards a police state.

Mo Arthur

Reminds me of Laos 15 years ago. Great work boys!

Sean M Ulvihill