Bowed in shame not submission

your say September 23, 2017 01:00

Re: “UK immigration policy is part comedy, part tragedy”, Have Your Say, September 21.

The letter took me back to the last time I stood on a Normandy beachhead. My head was bowed in respect, but also in shame. Those mowed down by the fascist-led slaughter deserved better. Their lives lost in vain, never to rise again, they had fought for freedom, the right of the individual spirit to thrive. 

But as General Patton, before his assassination, said, “We fought the wrong enemy.” He was referring to the invasion of socialism and communism from the East. It is this very curse from which the free world has suffered since that time. Cultural Marxism has reduced the peoples of Europe to their current state of submission, without spirit, their identity lost. It has permeated their minds and inverted right and wrong, fair and unfair.

Having repulsed one form of fascism, Europe has opened its doors to another. As part of the European Union, the UK has lost sight of what it stands for, its sense of values confused. It now stands in a slush of suicidal altruism unable to recognise falseness from authenticity. Indoctrination has conditioned their minds to bow to invasion in submission. No longer able to defend their principles, confusion prevails. Penniless invaders in their thousands with ill-intent may enter the UK, welcomed with open arms and rewarded with money and property, while a single respectable genuine immigrant will be refused entry and, in some cases, established residents are even deported.

A once-great nation is now a nation of spineless, unprincipled, indoctrinated clowns. Our heads should be bowed in shame not submission.

JC Wilcox