Is killing 25 million men, women and children a valiant proposal? 

your say September 22, 2017 01:00

Yesterday’s Have Your Say column was carpet-bombed by the swivel-eyed tendency, some real and imagined, frothing and churning in typically infantile manner.

We have the schoolyard “yah boo sucks” Pikey vomiting up his vacant, pitiless blather from Thailand about a tide of humanity swamping “his” country, couched in formulaic belligerent waffle. This migrant goes so far as to offer an obscene comedic slant on a real human tragedy unfolding in North Africa and southern Europe, but, given his form, this should come as no surprise to the right-minded.

No better is the risible popinjay Wilcox, a hysterically paranoid conspiracy theorist who, Canute-like, defies logic and reason with his slavish obeisance to a man who defaces his office by his mere presence, an irrefutable fact known to the overwhelming majority of compos mentis people. What makes his creative fiction even more laughable is referring to his Mitty-esque idol as a man who “addressed reality” at the UN, soaking the forum with his normal slaver-flecked, auto-cue braggadocio, this time threatening 25 million innocent North Korean men, women and children with obliteration, and of course delivered from behind the safety of the UN podium. One wonders if “Nambia” will be in Trump’s crosshairs at some point.

As for the Pooterish alias “Haupt”, his drivel invites little more than deserved opprobrium.

Taken separately, the twittering triumvirate are good for a breakfast guffaw; together, all we get is more empty poppycock masquerading as joined up “thinking”.

Dr Frank