A dangerous manoeuvre on South China Sea

your say September 18, 2017 01:00

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This has something to do with a Chinese interception in the South China Sea.

The Pentagon on Friday said it was concerned about an “unsafe and unprofessional” encounter between two Chinese fighters and a US surveillance plane over the South China Sea. The Chinese J-10 warplanes intercepted a US Navy P-3 that was operating in international airspace on Wednesday, Pentagon spokesman Commander Gary Ross said.

As a defence analyst/researcher, I believe that China is trying to challenge the US after a US destroyer sailed in disputed South China Sea waters near a reef claimed by Beijing in the first freedom of navigation exercise under President Donald Trump. The manoeuvres come ahead of a major regional security summit in Singapore next week. It is a good strategy by China to signal a warning to Asean and the US about the latter’s defence posturing.

Meanwhile, the aircrew deemed the intercept unsafe and unprofessional. There was no proper channel that China went to for the operation.

Jumel G Estranero