Mind your language

your say September 18, 2017 01:00

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Re: “The questions Trump supporters don t want to answer”, September 12.

Letter writer Eric Bahrt has once again resorted to name-calling and using abusive language towards those with whom he does not agree.

He has been criticised in the past for calling people names such as “knuckleheads”, “idiots” and “clowns”, among other things.

But the above letter clearly shows he has not learned. Mr Bahrt calls Trump supporters as being “white trash”, here. While the American president is not one of my most  favourite guys, I still do not think that it is appropriate to call his supporters such a term. 

I think Mr Bahrt needs to tone things down a bit. Perhaps a visit to a Buddhist monastery, and a class or two in yoga  will do the trick.  After all, this is an individual who has previously even gone so far as to call a saint – Mother Teresa – a criminal, for no good reason.


Khon Kaen