Are hurricanes Harvey, Irma related to climate change?

your say September 14, 2017 01:00

Re: “Harvey, Irma the latest stirrings of our warming world”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

This letter is from a contributor who professes to be Jewish while defending Palestine controlled by Islamic terrorists. He claims his mission in life to be to prevent animals and humans being “hurt” when both kosher and halal slaughter of animals are most hideously cruel and banned in developed countries. While supporting the terrorist control of Palestine, in the same breath, he condemns British democracy as “cock eyed”.

This latest contribution confuses global warming with climate change. When satellite monitoring of the planet’s temperature indisputably recorded a cooling rather than warming, the pro-warming brigade changed their cause to climate change so they could be right in either case.

Further, if Irma is a 1-in-2,000-year occurrence then mankind was and is hardly responsible for the CO2 emissions that the pundits claimed to be causal. If Irma last occurred 4 million years ago then that further illustrates that alleged man-made warming or change is in no way related to mankind. But it does prove that both claims of man-made warming and change are a hoax. And it does prove climate change to be a natural phenomenon that is as old as the planet itself, as its history shows. The childish attempt to link President Donald Trump’s support in Texas with its methane emitting cattle farming, to global warming, is pathetic even from a misguided liberal.

The learned writer’s self-contradiction and hypocrisy have caused his disappearance into a hole of incredulity. Facing and accepting reality makes life so much more socially cohesive, because it is true.

JC Wilcox