Reward for top corruption fighters: transfer to South

your say September 13, 2017 01:00

Re: “Temple investigator transferred for doing his job”, Have Your Say, September 11.

Calling all corruption fighters: If you excel at your job, you too can be rewarded with an exciting new posting in the insurgency-plagued southern provinces!

It seems that corruption fighter Pongporn Parmsneh, tasked with eradicating corruption within the senior monkhood, has suffered a fate similar to that of former human trafficking investigator Pol Maj-General Paween Pongsirin back in 2015.

Paween, it is recalled, was in danger of exposing some rather important senior police involved in the regional slave trade. He was taken off the investigations, transferred against his will to the deep South, and fled to Australia in fear of his life. Pongporn has been similarly assiduous in performing his duties, and has upset some rather important senior monks within the Sangha Supreme Council who appear to prefer the status quo. In similar fashion to Paween’s case, Pongporn has been re-assigned by the Office of the Prime Minister “to oversee the southernmost provinces”.

Thus we discover yet another red line over which the junta will not step in the fight against corruption; where justice and rule of law are sacrificed at the altar of cronyism, seniority, expediency and “face”, and another good man goes down.

Only a cynic could possibly suggest that a southern posting might not be in the best interests of one’s health.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga