Thailand another notch on China’s belt

your say September 08, 2017 01:00

Re: “PM’s China visit boosts One Belt One Road”, The Nation, September 6.

Be careful. Belts are used to strangle.


Were the subs mentioned? When the PM asked how that was progressing you could hear the laughter in the halls on what a great deal Thailand (oops, China) got. The Chinese premier probably thought he could throw anything in front of Prayut and he would sign it.


The Nation reports: “Thailand would ask China to begin a survey and study the second phase of the railway to connect Nakhon Ratchasima and Nong Khai, in order to link Thailand and Laos by 2022, Arkhom said after the signing in Xiamen.” 

If they haven’t started a survey yet, construction won’t be started by 2022. Here is the sequence: Survey, design alignment, calculate number of bridges and tunnels, negotiate with scores of tendering contractors of different expertise, award contracts, start construction.