Bangkok to Korat in one hour? Yes please!

your say September 08, 2017 01:00

Re: “Thailand signs four agreements with China on development of high-speed train project”, Thai PBS, September 6.

The freight rail link from China to the UK is already up and running. If this project is completed, then the limits of that link are extended: Thailand to the UK and Europe. No reason why it won’t be completed. China will make it happen. Freight has proved cheaper than air and quicker than sea.  

China to the UK is a 7,500-mile (12,000 kilometres) jump.  Another 150-mile extension into Thailand is a drop in the ocean.


I see all the Thai bashers have come out of their holes in the ground. These are probably the same people who bashed the Skytrain etc. I look forward to zooming from Korat to Bangkok in just over an hour. If Thais don’t do anything they get bashed, and when they are doing something they get bashed. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Go Thailand!


You have a point, there, Mansell, but I see all the “damning” as boiling down to one thing – an education system so poor that it almost promotes the incompetence and lethargy that are all too much in evidence, both in the “doers” and the “don’t doers”. Too many Thais simply need to mend their attitudes towards putting in a skilled and committed day’s work.


Thailand is borrowing Chinese government money so that they can pay Chinese businesses that are backed by the Chinese government. The same thing is going on in other countries involved in the Chinese Silk Road boondoggle. If a few of those countries default, the Chinese economy will disappear into a black hole.