Hosting MotoGP will inspire even more road deaths   

your say September 07, 2017 01:00

Re: “Thailand set to host MotoGP in 2018”, Reuters, August 31.

The organisers ought to be ashamed of themselves, considering the political situation here.


Not only that, the Thai regime should be ashamed after claiming that it wants fewer deaths on roads that are now the second deadliest in the world. This event will make motorbike deaths skyrocket.

Next stop NK

You’ve got to question the wisdom in this given Thailand is No 2 in the world for motoring accidents and fatalities and the vast majority of those are from motorbikes. Utter stupidity, if you ask me. It’s a shame so many young Thai men and women will go out racing their bikes and become another statistic among Thailand’s 26,000-plus road-accident fatalities every year. 

It’s irresponsibility of the highest degree to have any sort of motor racing event here. 

Father Fintan Stack

Rossi’s already driven it. Says it’s a boring circuit.


The only irresponsibility is the lack of law enforcement on the roads against people racing their bikes.

What other big sports events does this country put on? It’s a shame the only comments I ever see on this forum are negative ones.