Army investigates itself for 2010 crackdown, verdict no surprise

your say September 07, 2017 01:00

Re: “No need to reinvestigate 2010 crackdown-related cases: Prawit”, The Nation, yesterday.

“99 deaths and at least 2,100 injured”, but no accountability or responsibility.

It “doesn’t affect the security forces”.

Speaks volumes about the situation in Thailand today.

Samui Bodoh

What do you want us to do? Arrest ourselves?


All the red (and black-) shirt lovers whining now! The mob were lucky more weren’t taken out by the Army in 2010! They had plenty of time to obey the “law” and stop their violence and obstruction!


And what about when the yellows took over government house, among other things, and protested for half a year? How is it that they weren’t also “taken out”? They had way more time to obey the law.


“Officers have worked themselves nearly to death on that,” said Prawit. 

Nice. So not only does he dismiss the concerns of the thousands of people directly affected, he trivialises the death of nearly 100 people. Reconciliation!