So, which Thai airlines are suspended for safety reasons?

your say September 06, 2017 01:00

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Re: “16 Thai airlines suspend their operations after failing safety assessments”, The Nation, yesterday.

And the 16 airlines are???


I thought the same, but I guess you can find out easily enough: they are the ones who won’t be able to sell you a ticket right now. I have to say I find this amusing, since only a few short weeks ago we were told Thailand was to become Asia’s hub for aircraft maintenance. Yet now it seems their abilities on this front are as poor as most comments on the subject suggested.


Defamation laws...


Yes, don’t panic. The affected airlines are absolutely not the ones that the general flying public would expect to fly on. Those itching to have a free pop at Nok and the likes can go find another, easier target.


Very easy to find out for yourself.

Go to and navigate to one of the larger Thai airports to see in real-time all flights currently in the air in that area. If they have a flight in the air, then they’re not on the list. Best to check at a few different times of day, as not all carriers will have a flight in the area at all times.

I looked at 8am (not a time when there’s a lot of flights), and I saw Thai, Thai Smile, Nok, Thai Lion, and Air Asia. I’d expect to see a lot more a little later in the day.

As other posters have mentioned – the affected airlines are most likely ones you’ve never heard of, and would never fly. If any of the “regular” airlines were affected, it’d be all over the news.