PM’s Mekong vision to bring light to heart of darkness 

your say August 22, 2017 01:00

Re: “PM aims to turn Northeast into ‘Mekong economic hub’”, The Sunday Nation, August 20.

Bit late. I think the Chinese have all of those areas covered and sewn up! 


So will Nakhon Ratchasima now become the new capital, as Krung Thep sinks slowly into the rising seas?


Selling to the Chinese-speaking country to the north makes perfect sense. They consume and have the money to do so. Thailand’s neighbours are more likely going to compete with rather than consume Thai products. 


The man [PM Prayut] is a visionary. I don’t understand the criticism he gets. He reminds me of Colonel Walter E Kurtz, another visionary.


Prayut reaped high popularity rating as reward for success 

in corruption battle  

Re: “Nida poll reports high approval ratings for PM since 2014 coup”, The Nation, yesterday.

Any fool can be decisive. It is the quality of the decision and the importance of the decision that is relevant. Being decisive about the attire of twerking dancers and small-minded alcohol advertising laws and 10 years jail for smoking e-cigarettes does not count toward good governance of the country.


It is well known that Thai people will not speak badly about those in power over them. Many people will only be positive about the government, because they are scared of being taken away for attitude adjustment.


I’ve yet to meet any Thai that approves of him. They are clearly either not asking a true cross-section of the public or the people answering are not brave enough to give their real opinion. I think all were willing at first to give him a chance, but as time has relentlessly drawn on and everything delayed, they all see through him now.


Strange. Most Thais I know approve of him. But I guess we live in different “worlds”. The issue is really corruption. This government has rooted out more corruption than all of the previous governments put together!


In an insane asylum no doubt some inmates could say most people they know are radishes. Your opinion that most Thais approve of the Junta doesn’t reflect the perception of anyone I know, but let that pass. Even the most obtuse and blinkered are entitled to hold an opinion however fatuous. The only opinion that really matters however is that registered by the Thai people in a free democratic election held under a constitutional framework that is not rigged.

Where you are stonkingly wrong is your suggestion that genuine inroads have been made on corruption. There have been a few high profile cases where the motivation for cracking down was political. We can’t discuss the details. But otherwise the trough has been open for business. Ask any highly placed Thai. At a corporate level the position is worse than ever and nothing has changed in the traditional military buffet.


All part of the “militarised” brainwashing that takes place 

from a very early age in the formative years of most Thai people.

Many people would probably be fearful in giving them the thumbs down.