The six words that sealed Koh Tao suspects’ fate

your say August 22, 2017 01:00

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Re: “Myanmar men appeal against death sentences over British murders in Thailand”, Reuters, yesterday.

I fear that no court is going to do the right thing in this case. From the Royal Thai Police’s perspective it is a home run, the fallout from an obvious fit up wasn’t as messy and prolonged as it could’ve been, and as an added bonus they reeled in one of the victim’s families hook, line and sinker to support the verdict.

The local mafia got off fairly easy, everyone very likely got a nice envelope, and business is booming on Koh Tao in spite of a ridiculous body count.

These poor boys are done for. But looking at the situation back home in Rakhine state, I doubt their existence there would be ideal either.

I wish them well, but this setup works best for Thailand’s face even though it portrays all those involved as having fewer morals than a sewer rat.


I doubt that even the cops involved and the prosecutors believe for one second that they got the right guys. From the moment the words “A Thai couldn’t have done this” were uttered, you just knew a couple of innocents were going to be framed.

I wish them all the best with their appeal.


The lab wasn’t accredited at the time of the tests so there’s no way of knowing the control and testing on the DNA samples was done in a correct and proper manner. The lab was quickly “accredited” subsequent to the “investigation” and face-saving lies spouted off by the Thai authorities. 

The police chief that announced he knew who the killer was, and that he had fled to Bangkok, was quickly replaced and that investigation dropped like a hot potato. 

So many holes in this case it is impossible to list or discuss them in a single post. It’s so quintessentially Thai though: massive doubts over the evidence, accusation of scapegoats, incompetence, corruption, and lies on an island paradise.

Father Fintan Stack