Charlottesville violence the fault of liberal-fascists

your say August 18, 2017 01:00

Re: “Courage needed to rescue the US”, Have Your Say, August 17. 

Here we go again! Any opportunity to vilify Trump and the liberal-fascist hounds are out in force. And the ludicrous Dr Frankfurt-School leads the pack in Have Your Say with his demand for the overthrow of a democratically elected president. 

So what really happened in Charlottesville? It started when local liberal tyrants attempted to erase some American history by demolishing a confederacy statue. The Ku Klux Klan took umbrage and decided to mount a protest rally, for which they requested and received a permit. Much to the dismay of shallow-thinking Dr Frank, the US has a thing called the First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech, however “hateful” it may seem to some. And much to the dismay of the tyrants, the American Civil War actually took place. Enter stage far left, the Soros-funded Antifa urban terrorists, some of whom were armed and looking for a fight, as they always do in European cities when their New World Order is threatened.  This time they got one. 

Trump did exactly what a statesman should do in such a situation and condemned both sides. The always-hysterical Dr Frankfurt-School is 100-per-cent wrong in saying Trump was “siding with the extremists”. He was not. He was even-handed in his criticism. Was he supposed to applaud the violence of Antifa, who have regularly attacked his supporters all over the country? Has he not previously denounced the KKK in his speeches? 

There are far worse threats to global society than a handful of white supremacists in the US. If the atrocities committed by Islamic supremacists throughout Europe on a daily basis were to whip up similar levels of reaction and opprobrium, the world might be a better place. But, with no obvious opportunities for Trump-bashing, the liberal fascists remain silent. 

Nigel Pike