Happy is the retiree who can spend time productively

your say August 17, 2017 01:00

Nowadays, senior citizens do not retire entirely.

They just move into a new domain where they enjoy doing what they like.

Masako Wakamiya, 82, of Japan spends her evening doing what she loves – coding and designing apps for senior citizens and transmitting messages about the culture and traditions of their seniors to younger people (“Never too old to code – app maker still going strong at 82”, The Star, August 8).

One is inevitably inspired by what she says: “I am so busy every day that I have no time to look for diseases.

“As you age, you lose many things – your husband, your job, your hair, your eyesight. The minuses are quite numerous. But when you learn something new, whether it be programming or piano, it is a plus. It’s motivating.”

That made me look at my contemporaries who are retired. Over 90 per cent of them are still working and earning. 

One 76-year-old former colleague is still lecturing full-time at a private university. Others have turned from part-time into full-time private tutors.

Only one graduate retiree has something different to say: “What! You have been working for more than three decades. Don’t you think it’s time to take life easy and relax?”

Well, whatever you do, if you derive great satisfaction from doing it, it is well worth doing. The worst thing that could happen to a retiree would be not knowing how to spend time productively.

AY Yong

The Star (Malaysia)/ANN