Thai woman defends trespass at Yellowstone Park after online criticism

your say August 17, 2017 01:00

Ha ha. Crazy but typical Thai rationalisation.

The sign was small, so it couldn’t have been dangerous. Too funny.


She is in the wrong and instead of just remaining quiet and letting it blow over quietly, she has to not lose face and defend her stupidity for the whole world to see. 

Catch her and punish her according to the laws of the country she broke. When farang break laws in this country, they always catch them in record time.


If they had fallen through the thin crust, I’d have thrown them packets of lemongrass, some shrimp and straw mushrooms, chopped hot pepper, a couple limes and a dash of fish sauce. Tom yum thai, sot, sot. 

Maybe they need signs pointing down, with a message saying, “Hell is this way. Enter at your own risk.”


Hopefully the US still has time to catch these silly people and extract a few baht, just like they do back home day after day.


I went through Yellowstone and several other national parks, including the Grand Canyon, last April, well before the tourist season was in full swing. I didn’t run into many Thais, but there were quite a few from Mainland China.   

Asians in general just don’t seem to understand or feel the need to follow the rules. They were constantly littering – throwing cigarette butts all over, driving very fast, and paying no attention to marked trails. They tried to get dangerously close to large animals to take selfies.

At the Grand Canyon, it was even worse. There were people from all over the world, but it was the Asians who were in areas clearly marked as off-limits. One Chinese man had managed to catch a squirrel and others were feeding them, although signs were posted in numerous languages (including Chinese). 

The park rangers do give you a small talk as you enter about dangers, staying on assigned trails, etc. 

A friend from Thailand was along and he was truly horrified 

at the behaviour of many of 

the people from Asia. He even asked to go elsewhere because 

he said he was ashamed to be Asian, the way many were acting.   



Ignorant people everywhere. Stupid is as stupid does

Jens Larsen

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Let her have her way. Hope she’ll regret her arrogance one day!

Yeoh Jerry

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