“Thailand Sucks” – the cure for all tourists’ problems

your say August 13, 2017 01:00

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A very popular expression going round at the moment is “Thailand Sucks”.

Originally expressed by the locals, but now enthusiastically taken over by local expats, it has become somewhat of a catchphrase. This reminds me that Thailand used the words “Amazing Thailand” in a very successful tourist promotion a number of years back. This new catchphrase would also be a brilliant new addition to a forthcoming promotion.

Your tourist journey begins with a four-hour wait battling through immigration at Don Mueang before you experience a shuffling line to eventually claim a taxi and then the inevitable haggling over whether or not the taxi driver will turn the metre on. After crawling through the usual traffic jam you arrive at a hotel where the receptionist with 12 years of English tutelage is impossible to understand. 

Now, of course, tourism is a must, but the double-pricing system irritates one and all - and do not even contemplate going to a National Park, where you will be charged 10 times the local price. You can attempt independent travel but Thailand has alarming, deadly road statistics and also be extremely careful walking across zebra crossings, as Thais believe they can only be used by zebras. I believe that if this campaign is given enough coverage the queues at immigration counters will become manageable.

Rod Grierson

Chiang Rai