Europe is the best argument against federalism

your say August 13, 2017 01:00

Re: “Singapore must strengthen ties with Asean neighbours”

The writer states that “Asean has been urged to take a bolder and firmer collective stand on issues affecting the region” but he does not say by whom. 

There are very powerful forces with ambitions of forming one governing body to control the whole world. It would be very much in their interests to create a federal Asean as they’ve tried to achieve in Europe with the European Union (EU). Their tactic is to create political blocs that can then be amalgamated into one global federal unit.

The EU started as a free trade area but has surreptitiously morphed into a centrally controlled political unit. Whilst they have very questionably been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, the EU has succeeded only in creating the greatest state of unrest across the continent since WWII. Imposing its own currency and laws on member states has caused previously sound economies to collapse and inter-member fighting. Many billions of dollars are paid by member states but are never accounted for by the profligate EU that is never audited.

If Asean member states hold their individual national status and their sovereignty paramount then this paradigm should be avoided at all costs. Being sucked into a dream of collectivism is a vortex to disaster. Integration between nation states with different cultures, laws and languages and open borders has to be limited. The dangerous discord in the crumbling EU should be a warning: beware.

JC Wilcox