Citing human rights in the US is misguided

your say August 13, 2017 01:00

In response to the Human Rights Watch report slamming the human rights problem in Thailand, Arun Udansinrot asks: “How about human rights in the US”? (Letters, Aug 10)

In America people are not thrown in jail for peacefully protesting against their government or for posting critical comments about it on Facebook. You also don’t have anything similar to lese-majeste, in which you can have anyone thrown in jail by merely accusing him of having said something slanderous.

I am so sick and tired of the fact that anytime someone points out something wrong about Thailand, you get this kind of arrogant, nasty response from a Thai. If the Thais had the humility and courage to learn from their mistakes instead of always making excuses for them, their country might not be in the sorry-ass shape it’s in right now.

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai

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