Air pollution alert in 14 provinces

your say August 11, 2017 01:00

Start with enforcing stringent diesel emissions. Rolling coal is cool on inane YouTube videos, not so much on public roads. 


I think a good start would be to make open-burning illegal. That’s burning rubbish like everyone does in their backyard or on the street. 

Clearing land of stubble after harvesting is a big problem too. 

Make a reward available to anyone reporting field burning or a smoky truck or bus or old diesel ute. 

And enforce pollution laws.


Is air pollution still news in this country?


It must make the Chinese feel at home.


It will be interesting to see how London, Paris, Berlin or New York would rate in these tests, probably not much better. London would probably be worse.


Not a word said about Pattaya, Koh Samui or Phuket.

The air must be very clean there – or maybe the tourists don’t know about the (other) hazard they’re facing? 


Everyone needs an air purifier. The best thing I did was to invest in the best one on the market. It was life-changing. My sleep is as good as it was when I was a kid. You can notice the difference in the quality of the air. Too bad I can’t inject the machine directly into my body. 555


This would be a wonderful article to publish in about January of every year. Right now it’s sort of off everyone’s radar, even though it may still be a good time to discuss it. The air here in Northeast Lamphun province today is crisp, clean, and clear – and that’s even with the burning they are doing during the lamyai fruit harvest. The winds simply scour the smoke out of the valleys and the rain rinses out the particulate. My goodness, some folk in Thailand are forward-looking enough to plan ahead?  Amazing!  

 My take: Most of the airborne particulate is not primarily due to the burning of agricultural fields. That adds to the problem, but it’s not the primary problem. The primary problem is the deliberate burning of undergrowth to clear forest floors so the locals can more easily find mushrooms, like right now, during the rainy season. 

Mushrooms abound right now out here in rural northern Thailand, and most of the rural folk I know, if they are not picking lamyai or working in the rice field, are up in the mountains picking mushrooms to sell from roadside stalls. And it’s these same people who wander up into the forests during the hot season to set fire to the forests. No one talks or points fingers, but everyone knows. It ain’t no secret. So, unless the government is willing to address the arson problem, this isn’t going to ever change.