Thailand to become ‘medical hub’, new 10-year visa launched

your say July 24, 2017 01:00

Aaahhhh the Medical Hub idea.

The honourable minister must have been clearing his desk and come across some old press releases. This concept has been released by at least one minister in each of the Pheu Thai government, the Democrat government, the last junta and the Thai Rak Thai government.


Good idea, gives them longer to recover from bus accident, jet ski accident, parasailing accident,motorbike accident, or diving accident without worrying about their visa. Medical hub indeed


I think you get a better deal in Malaysia. They do not use immigration as a cash cow and the hospitals are good. Love some of the hospitals in Bangkok. They are not overly expensive and the service is good and courteous. Spoke to one of the hospitals about their high deductible insurance and visas, and they said they had no idea how to help me with the visas after the coup. Sadly, I limit my time in Thailand as much as possible. I have weaned myself off Thai hospitals because of this.


Their slogan could be. “Come for the temples, stay for the hospitals.”