Soap operas should be condemning rape, not encouraging it 

your say July 18, 2017 01:00

Re: “Actor apologises for light-hearted post about rape, encourages campaigns against sexual crime”, The Nation, yesterday.

The Nation reports that “Pharunyoo Rojanawuttitham, the actor who portrays a gang-rapist in a TV series, was attacked for posting a picture of himself and several other actors with the message reading, ‘We are arrested for rape. If you are interested, you can choose any of us to rape you.’

Any man who commits rape is the lowest of the low.

For an actor to make stupid comments about it is beyond belief.

This so-called man probably made that comment just to get himself publicity. He should be sacked and never allowed to act again. Many people see actors as role models and copy their actions.


In this guy’s little head, he thinks he’s so good-looking that all women want sex with him. Unfortunately, rape is taken less seriously in societies where women are taken less seriously. 


When rape or sexual assault so often leads to the victim falling in love with her rapist-attacker in Thai soaps, it is small wonder attitudes like this come out.


And disappointingly, these soap operas could be used proactively to help change the public’s view on the seriousness of rape, by having the character playing the rapist caught and punished – and perhaps even beaten to death in prison.